Academic Affairs Team

  • Ronald H. Matson

    Dr. Ronald H. Matson

    Ronald H. Matson is a professor of Biology, and Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Kennesaw State University. A native...

  • Dr.Pam Cole

    Interim Associate Vice President for Curriculum

    • Chris Hutt

      Dr. Chris Hutt

      Dr. Chris Hutt is the Assistant Vice President for Academic Advising at Kennesaw State University. In his current role, Dr. Hutt is responsible for...

    • Julie Newell

      Dr. Julie Newell

      Dr. Julie Newell is the Special Assistant to the Provost and Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Kennesaw State...

    • Michael Rothlisberger

      Academic Fiscal Affairs Officer

      • Angie Conti

        Angie Conti

        Assistant to the Provost

        • Connie Woolsey

          Connie Woolsey

          Administrative Associate

          • Debra Hill

            Administrative Associate

            • Ann Ryan

              Administrative Associate