Wrap-Around Services

There is a growing body of evidence that reveals comprehensive student support services, also known as wraparound services, increase student persistence and degree completion in college, especially among targeted populations. Many of these students face complex decisions that impact their persistence, with limited guidance.  Student Success Programs (SSP) support services help students navigate the university, while addressing the myriad of personal and institutional obstacles students face at a large campus. SSP provides these services, while also incorporating high impact practices (HIP) for every student enrolled in our programs until they graduate from college. Many of these services and practices are highlighted below.​


Registration Preparation: We assist you in navigating the registration process, ensuring a smooth transition into college life.

Academic Skill Development: Enhance your academic skills through workshops and resources tailored to your needs.

Access to Faculty and Staff: Connect with knowledgeable faculty and staff who are dedicated to your success.

Onboarding Series: Participate in our series designed to ease your transition into college and provide essential information for success.

Personal Coach All Four Years: Receive personalized coaching throughout your college journey, providing academic guidance, support, and resources.

Academic Guidance: Get assistance with course selection, academic planning, and overcoming academic challenges.

Support & Resources: Access a wide range of resources to support your academic and personal growth.

Mentoring: Benefit from mentorship opportunities to help navigate challenges and make informed decisions.

Life Skills: Develop essential life skills to thrive both in college and beyond.

Developing Job Readiness: Prepare for the workforce through workshops, resume building, and interview preparation.

Exploring Career Options: Gain insight into various career paths and explore your interests and strengths.

Internships: Engage in experiential learning opportunities to gain practical experience in your field of interest.

Education Abroad: Broaden your horizons through international experiences that enhance your academic and personal growth.

Undergraduate Research: Participate in research projects under the guidance of faculty mentors, enhancing your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Internships: Gain hands-on experience in your field through internships with our partner organizations.

Programs and Workshops: Participate in workshops and programs designed to enhance your academic and professional skills.

Peer Mentoring: Engage with peer mentors who provide support, guidance, and encouragement.

Student Leadership Teams: Develop leadership skills by participating in student leadership teams and initiatives.

Program Assistants: Gain valuable leadership experience by serving as program assistants, contributing to the success of our programs.

WorkStudy Positions: Explore work-study opportunities that allow you to gain practical experience while supporting your education.

Peer Leaders: Connect with peer leaders who provide support and encouragement throughout your college journey.

Faculty and Staff: Build relationships with faculty and staff who are committed to your success and provide valuable support and guidance.

Community Leaders: Engage with community leaders through networking events and activities.

Social Activities: Participate in social activities and events that foster a sense of belonging and community.


Preparing students for academic, personal, and professional success during college and beyond KSU​!