Student Success Coaching


Holistic Approach to Academic Success

In keeping with the Student Success Square, Student Success Coaches exist to provide personalized, collaborative, one-on-one guidance to our students to address the holistic needs that may impact their academic success. By understanding and addressing each student's social, cultural, financial, career, and well-being goals and strengths, coaches help to improve their academic and personal success. Their approach is rooted in a culturally-responsive and inclusive lens to empower each student to build personal agency and self-efficacy for their future.


What is a Student Success Coach? 

A Student Success Coach is a collegiate professional who fosters the successful transition of their students from high school into college and through to their degree completion, by providing high-touch academic, social, and personal guidance on an individual basis. 

What is the difference between an Academic Advisor and a Student Success Coach? 

While many Academic Advisors use a style of coaching in their interactions with students, what distinguishes graduation coaching from academic advising are the key differences in their focuses and approaches.

An Academic Advisor is responsible for ensuring that a student is consistently staying on track for degree completion by providing academic guidance pertaining, but not limited, to: the exploration of majors, degree program requirements, course selection and registration, supportive academic resources, career goals, and understanding academic policies, procedures, and regulations. Oftentimes, academic advising sessions can be time-limited, and it is not guaranteed that a student will meet with the same Advisor throughout their entire college experience. Students are assigned an Academic Advisor based on their intended major; if a student switches majors, they will be assigned a new Academic Advisor.

A Student Success Coach can provide much of the same information as an Academic Advisor, except for instructing students on which required courses to register for within their degree program(s). Student Success coaching focuses on holistic student development and success, not just academic success alone. Student Success Coaches work interpersonally and collaboratively with the student to understand their unique strengths and challenges when entering and completing college, then help them develop the skills and access the tools necessary to have a thriving experience during their enrollment. Coaches can provide accountability for students to follow through on their individual action plans toward personal and academic success. All sessions are customized to fit the needs of each student and, typically, students will stay with the same Student Success Coach throughout their program experience, regardless of their major. There is no restriction on the number of appointments a student can schedule with their Student Success Coach each academic year.