Academic Study Lounges (ASL)

academic study lounge

The Academic Study Lounges (ASL) were inaugurated to bolster academic excellence and nurture a communal spirit among participants of the Student Success Programs. These state-of-the-art facilities amalgamate individual and collaborative study spaces, augmented with advanced technological resources, to enrich students' academic pursuits.

The ceremonial unveiling of the most recent study lounge on August 4th, 2021, was marked by a distinguished gathering. Esteemed guests and university officials were in attendance. This event also saw the participation of committed program staff and eminent student leaders, all coming together to celebrate this milestone in academic support and community enhancement.

The first ASL was established in Willingham Hall in 2011, facilitated by a generous grant from the Goizueta Foundation. The establishment of the second lounge, situated within University Hall, was celebrated in August 2021. These lounges epitomize the commitment to fostering academic achievement and community building among students.