Student Testimonials

These are just a few of the comments students who attended the Supplemental Instruction sessions had about how mentoring made a difference for them. Please take a moment and read what they had to say.

“He is very good at breaking down the material to make each part easier to grasp. He also has helpful resources to helps us when we still have questions.”

“He knows the materials very well and is able convey that knowledge to us. He is very creative in his explanations of difficult concepts.”

“Her SI session is lively and fun. She uses a variety of examples from real life situations and makes learning this more difficult material fun.”

“Very personable, very knowledgeable, and very helpful. I feel he cares about his group of students learning. I am comfortable asking questions and getting help with material. I would highly recommend SI to any student!”

“Our SI Leader encourages students to engage in learning the material, is enthusiastic, and helps us learn how to study for the tests.”