Student Testimonials

These are just a few of the comments students who attended the Supplemental Instruction sessions had about how mentoring made a difference for them.

  • I’m very grateful I had this resource. I don’t think I could’ve done this class without my SI’s help.”

  • She was the best SI leader ever! Very knowledgeable, organized, friendly and helpful! Put in the effort and time to make awesome activities and information slides!”

  • I really found it beneficial for pursing my academics. I enjoyed the subject and the SI lessons being taught. I was really happy with the extra help that I received and I would like to say that my SI was the best tutor I had ever received in my life for academics.”

  • Our SI Leader encourages students to engage in learning the material, is enthusiastic, and helps us learn how to study for the tests.”

  • Her SI sessions are lively and fun. She uses a variety of examples from real life situations and makes learning this difficult material fun.”