What is Supplemental Instruction?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a program that offers FREE weekly study sessions for students enrolled in targeted courses.

The purpose of SI is to enhance student learning and success.

    • Students who have previously taken the class and earned an A. They know the content and are excited to help guide students through it.
    • They are also prepared to share what they have learned about how to study effectively for their course. They will be in class with the students every day, taking notes and listening closely to the professor.
    • They are study session facilitators, not mini professors, who provide structure to the study session and help students stay focused on learning.
    • Empathetic listeners, resource guides, and most of all, supportive peers.
    • SI Leaders guide students through practice and activities that review and reinforce the material taught in class.
    • Students compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop strategies for studying the subject, and test themselves before the professor does!
    • Students learn study skills and strategies to help them be successful in the course.
    • SI Leaders do not re-lecture, give out their class notes, or do homework for students.
  • All students who want to increase their understanding of course material and improve their grades!

    SI is not a remedial or at-risk program; it is for any student regardless of skill level. Sessions provide an opportunity for all students to learn and grow.

  • SI study sessions typically start no later than the second week of classes.
    • Check out the SI Study Session Schedule to see if there is an SI Leader assigned to a different section of your course.
    • Students may attend any SI session, regardless of their class section.
    • Visit the Smart Center if individual tutoring is needed.
  • The SI Program targets historically difficult courses. Historically difficult courses are defined as those that typically have a 25% or higher DFW rate. (DFW = rate at which students receive a grade of D or F or withdraw from the class).

    See the SI Study Session Schedule for a complete listing of courses served by SI this semester.