Become an SI Leader


SI Leader Applications for Fall 2024 Are Now Closed. 

Spring 2025 recruitment will begin mid-fall semester.

About SI Leaders:

    • Enrolled in at least six credit hours at Kennesaw State University
    • Earned an A in the course(s) the SI Leader supports
    • Maintain an institutional GPA of a 3.0 or higher
    • Possess excellent interpersonal communication skills
    • Attend and participate in both days of mandatory New SI Leader training.
    • Attend all class meetings for the assigned SI course and read assigned materials.
    • Plan and facilitate two to three SI study sessions per week throughout the semester.
    • Promote SI sessions during class.
    • Track attendance at all SI sessions.
    • Meet with course professor on a regular basis.
    • Meet with SI mentors and coordinators, as scheduled.
    • Ensure that surveys, assessments, and reports are distributed, collected, and/or completed.
    • Role model effective behavior of successful students.
    • Maintain a professional attitude at all times.
    • Fulfill professional development requirements.
    • Complete specified number of peer observations.
    • Commit to working approximately 10 hours per week throughout the semester.
    • Attend lecture = 3 hours
    • Facilitate SI sessions = 3 hours
    • Plan and prepare for SI sessions = 2 hours
    • Participate in SI meetings and trainings (one-on-one meetings, mentor meetings, etc.) = 2 hours
  • SI leaders earn $11.25 per hour