Fall 2024 Schedule of Workshops: TBA 

Need Help Getting Organized?

Looking to Up Your Study Game?

Worried About a Test?

It Can Wait Till Later? (Oh no! It's later!)

The Start SMART. Stay SMART. Workshop Series is here to help!

Time Management

Learn strategies for organizing your day and making the most use of your time. Planners, Goal Setting, Prioritizing Tasks, Time Wasters and more will be discussed along with examples of effective uses.

Test Anxiety

Taking exams can be a stressful experience. Many of us experience increased anxiety in the run up to an exam, during an exam time, as well after the exam is finished. This workshop will discuss types of test anxiety and provide tools for combatting it before, during, and after an exam. 

Study Skills

This workshop will help you learn different strategies for studying and preparing for your courses. Environmental Properties, Effective Note Taking, Collaboration, Reading Comprehension Strategies will all be discussed and effective examples given.


Always waiting to the last minute to start an assignment? Waiting so long to start you turn in bad work? This workshop discusses the procrastination cycle, strategies for breaking it, tips for keeping it from restarting. 

Start SMART. Stay SMART. Workshop Series

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