About Us

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Welcome to Kennesaw State University’s Science and Math Academic Resources and Tutoring (SMART) Centers. In the SMART Centers you will find people and resources to help with most general education Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics courses along with select Engineering classes offered at KSU. No appointments are necessary to use the SMART Center’s services, stop by any time we are open for help in your classes. The only thing we ask is for you observe the following rules:

  • SMART CENTERS ARE NOT A ONE-ON-ONE TUTORING ENVIRONMENT. Please come prepared to ask questions when a tutor is available, the tutors make rounds and will spend a few minutes with you to answer your questions before they move on to help someone else. They will make their way around the room and will return to answer more of you questions as soon as possible.
  • PLEASE SIGN IN. By signing in you help us do a few things; it gives us a record of how busy we are, it allows us to schedule tutors who help with the appropriate courses at the appropriate times, it lets us know which hours are more popular so we can try to expand those hours in the future. No personal information will ever be shared with instructors regarding your visits to the Center. They will only see general numbers regarding attendance.
  • SMART CENTERS ARE A PLACE FOR ASSISTANCE WITH UNDERSTANDING CONCEPTS, NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION. If you miss class you are responsible for having a basic grasp on the concepts before coming to the Center. Because of the number of students we serve it is not possible for tutors to go over material from scratch, please have specific questions prepared when coming to the Center.
  • THE CENTERS DO NOT HELP WITH GRADED WORK. Please do not ask tutors to help you with graded assignments, this is in violation of the schools academic honesty policy. If you are having problems with an assignment please find a similar exercise and bring it in for a tutor to help with. If you cannot find a similar exercise the tutor might be able to find one but this is not guaranteed.