The president, provost, and other administrative officers of KSU engage the major constituencies of the university community through a prescribed structure and process of shared governance for the institution's operations. That structure includes a University Council, four Senates, and a number of university standing committees. The faculty senate, staff senate, administrators' senate, and student government senate review and respond to important issues and conditions affecting them through their elected Senators. Each Senate's president and vice president serve on the University Council with four of KSU's academic and administrative officers to coordinate and facilitate the entire governance process.

The primary functions of the KSU Faculty Senate are to facilitate faculty participation in the establishment of university policies for the benefit and welfare of the institution, to inquire into any matters that have implications for the academic development and functioning of KSU and to make recommendations concerning such matters, and to be a channel of communications between and among the KSU faculty and the KSU President, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the other senate bodies.

  • Rita Bailey
    KSU Journey Honors College

    Robin Cheramie
    Coles College of Business

    Pam Cole
    Interim Dean
    Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciencess

    Adrian Epps
    Wellstar College of Health and Human Services

    Ian Ferguson
    Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology

    Harrison Long
    Interim Dean
    College of the Arts

    Kojo Mensa-Wilmot
    College of Science and Mathematics

    Andrew Payne 
    College of Architecture and Construction Management

    Monica Swahn
    Wellstar College of Health and Human Services

    Sheb True
    Interim Dean
    College of Graduation and Professional Education

    Sumanth Yenduri
    Interim Dean
    College of Computing and Software Engineering



College and Department/School Faculty Councils

  • College of Architecture and Construction Management CFC
    Hussain Abaza, Chair
    Zuhair El-Itr
    Peter Pittman
    Ermal Shpuza

    Architecture DFC
    Peter Pittman, Interim Chair
    William Carpenter
    Giovani Loretto
    Ermal Shpuza
    Arash Soleimani
    Christopher Welty

    Construction Management DFC
    Parminder Juneja, Chair
    Baek Minso
    Sanjeev Adikari

  • College of the Arts CFC
    Keith Smith, Chair
    Robert Henry
    Nat Parker
    Valerie Dibble
    Pamela Rodriguez Montero  
    Andrew Knowlton

    Dance CFC
    Andrea Knowlton, Chair
    Caroline Clark
    Lisa Lock
    Sean Nguyen-Hilton
    McCree O'Kelley
    Thang Dao

    School of Art and Design CFC
    Keely Clay, Chair
    Page Bruch - Secretary
    Rickey Garner
    Sandra Bird
    Carole Mauge-Lewis

    School of Music DFC
    Edward Eanes, Chair
    Ben Wadsworth
    Jana Young

    Theatre and Performance Studies DFC
    Charlie Parrott, Chair
    Committee of the Whole

  • College of Computing and Software Engineering CFC
    Hassan Pournaghshband, Chair
    Ying Xie
    CC Hung
    Joseph DeMaio
    Ying Xie

    Software Engineering and Game Development DFC
    Hussan Pournaghsband, Chair
    Reza Parizi
    Mike Franklin

    Information Technology DFC
    Jack Zheng, Chair
    Chi Zhang
    Hossain Chahriar

    Computer Science, DFC
    Victor Clincy, Chair
    Hisham Haddad
    Jose Garrido

  • Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences CFC
    Jonathan Arnett, Chair
    Philip Aust
    Mike Keleher
    Sara Giordano
    Garrett Smith
    Gail Markle
    Andrew Pieper
    Tim Martin
    Luc Guglielmi                                                                                                                                              Tim Hedeen                                                                                                                                           
    Albert Way                                                                                                                                           

    School of Communication and Media DFC
    Heeman Kim, Chair
    Philip Aust
    Sarah Johnson
    Erin Ryan                                                                                                                                                Burton Speakman

    School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding and Development DFC
    Chris Pallas, Chair
    Maia Hallward
    Tim Hedeen

    Technical Communication and Interactive Design DFC
    Jonathan Arnett, Chair
    Mike Lahey
    Monique Logan

    English DFC
    Terry Carter, Co-Chair
    Pete Rorabaugh, Co-Chair
    Bridget Doss
    Sergio Figuerido
    Nina Morgan

    Foreign Languages DFC
    Luci Viakinnou-Brinson, Chair
    Kathryn Negrelli
    Sabine Smith
    Zaya Rustamova                                                                                                                                        Renata Creekmur                                                                                                                                  Tara McMahon                                                                                                                                              

    Geography and Anthropology DFC
    Debarati Sen, Chair
    Mark Patterson
    Terry Powis
    Garrett Smith
    Brandon Lundy
    Ken Williamson                                                                                                                                        Sarasij Majumder                                                                                                                                    Susan Kirkpatrick Smith

    History and Philosophy DFC
    Paul Dover, Chair
    Gerrit Voogt
    Masako Racel

    Interdisciplinary Studies DFC
    Seneca Vaught, Chair
    Roxanne Donovan
    Rudy Aguilar

    School of Government and International Affairs DFC
    Tavishi Bhasin, Chair
    John Givens
    Bill Gillespie
    Heather Pincock
    Kenneth White

    Psychological Science DFC
    Sharon Pearcey, Chair
    Chris Allen
    Katherine White
    Allison Martin
    Lauren Taglialatela

    Sociology and Criminal Justice DFC
    Jesse Benjamin, Chair
    Committee of the Whole

  • Bagwell College of Education CFC
    Albert Jimenez, Chair
    Arvin Johnson
    Lateefa Id-Deen
    Megan Adams
    Nichole Guillory
    Kate Zimmer
    Tristan Glenn
    Tiffany Roman
    Jim Wright                                                                                                                                              Camille Sutton-Brown-Fox

    Educational Leadership DFC
    Sheryl Croft, Chair
    David Buckman
    Chinnasa Elue
    Nicholas Clegorne
    Arvin Johnson                                                                                                                                        Albert Jimenez

    Elementary and Early Childhood Education DFC
    Marrielle Myers, Chair
    Roberta Gardner
    Lateefah Id-Deen
    Raynice Jean-Sigur
    Douglas Bell

    Inclusive Education DFC                                                                                                                  Katie Bennett, Co-Chair
    Amanda Richey, Co-Chair
    Kate Zimmer

    Instructional Technology DFC
    Jo Williamson, Chair
    Tiffany Roman
    Jabari Cain

    Secondary and Middle Grades Education DFC
    Nichole Guillory, Chair
    Anete Vazquez
    Mike Dias
    Beth Marks

  • College of Science and Mathematics CFC
    Kim Cortes, Chair
    Joseph DeMaio
    Dhruba Adhikari
    Anton Bryantsev
    Nikolas Kidonakis
    Matt Weand

    Chemistry and Biochemistry DFC
    Michael Stollenz, Chair
    Marina Kowther
    Heather Abbott-Lyon

    Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology DFC
    Jared Taglialatela, Chair
    Heather Sutton
    Sarah Guindre-Parker

    Mathematics DFC
    Joel Fowler, Chair
    Jun Ji
    Bo Yang
    Yuliya Babenko
    Symon Kimitei 

    Molecular and Cellular Biology DFC
    Scott Nowak, Chair
    Chris Cornelison
    Jennifer Louten
    Jeann Lu

    Brent McDaniel, Chair
    Chetan Dhital
    Marco Guzzi
    David Joffe
    Ayao Sossah

    Statistics and Analytical Sciences DFC
    Joseph DeMaio, Chair
    Nicole Ferguson
    Austin Brown

  • Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology CFC
    Walt Thain, Chair
    Christina Scherrer
    Adam Kaplan
    Scott Larisch
    Laura Ruhala
    Ying Wang

    Civil and Construction Engineering DFC
    Metin Oguzmert, Chair
    Jayhyun Kwon
    Youngguk Seo
    Tien Yee
    Parth Bhavsar                                                                                                                                          Daniel Kuemmerle

    Electrical and Computer Engineering DFC
    Craig Chin, Chair
    Thomas Fallon
    Scott Tippens
    Walter Thain                                                                                                                                            Sandip Das                                                                                                                                              Coskun Tekes                                                                                                                                          Hoseon Lee

    Mechanical Engineering DFC
    Mir Atigullah, Chair
    Sathish Gurupatham
    Mahesh Gupta
    Laura Ruhala
    Muhammad Salman
    Jungkyu Park

    Engineering Technology DFC
    Jeff Wagner, Chair
    Daren Wilcox
    Brad Winsor

    Mechatronics Engineering DFC
    Matt Marshall, Chair
    Ying Wang
    David Guerra-Zubiaga                                                                                                                              Amir Ali Amiri Moghadam                                                                                                                      Muhammad Hassan Tanveer

    Industrial and Systems Engineering DFC
    Adeel Khalid, Chair
    Lin Li
    Bill Bailey

  • Coles College of Business CFC
    Jomon Paul, Chair
    Deborah Lester
    Ronny Richardson
    Mary Cleaveland
    John Abernathy
    Radwan Ali
    Tom Miller

    School of Accountancy DFC
    Vineeta Sharma, Chair
    Committee of the Whole

    Economics, Finance and Quantitative Analysis DFC
    James Tompkins, Chair
    Jomon Paul
    Xiao Huang

    Information Systems DFC
    Radwan Ali, Chair
    Max North
    Pamila Dembla
    Humayun Zafar

    Leven School of Management, Entrepreneurship and Hospitality DFC
    Ronny Richardson, Chair
    Doug Moodie
    Michael Maloni
    Samia Siha
    Greg Quinet                                                                                                                                            Rajaram Veliyath, Interim Director (ex officio)

    Marketing and Professional Sales DFC
    Deborah Lester, Chair
    Scott Inks
    Scott Widmier                                                                                                                                        Keith Tudor

  • Wellstar College of Health amd Human Services CFC
    Laurie Tis, Chair          
    Doreen Wagner                       
    Amy Howton                   
    Carol Collard

    Exercise Science and Sport Management DFC
    Katherine Ingram, Chair
    Garrett Hester                                         
    Jennifer Willett

    Health Promotion and Physical Education DFC
    Mike Hales, Chair
    Virginia Rendini
    Mia Oberlton

    Social Work and Human Services DFC
    Steve King, Chair
    Vanessa Robinson-Dooley
    Hans Skott-Myhre                               
    Lesie McClane                                         
    Carol Collard (CFC ex officio)

    Wellstar School of Nursing DFC
    Lynn Varagona, Chair
    Leslie Holmes (Miner)
    Nancy Ballard
    Judy Hold