SACS Faculty Qualifications

Kennesaw State University expects all faculty teaching undergraduate and/or graduate courses to meet the expectations outlined in the SACSCOC Faculty Crendentials Guidelines.  To facilitate the review and approval process, the forms or documents below are intended to assist Department Chairs through the process to submit revisions to the course correlations or submit faculty justifications. 


SACSCOC Faculty Credentials Guidelines

This document links to the SACSCOC Faculty Credentials Guidelines that identify and explain the expectations for faculty to be academically qualified to teach courses.

SACS Faculty Justification Form

If you wish to assign a faculty member to teach a course for which they are not academically qualified based on the Course Correlations table, please submit this SACS Faculty Justification Form at least two weeks before the beginning of the semester for which they will be scheduled to teach the course.


Course Correlations Initiative - Coming Soon!