The president, provost, and other administrative officers of KSU engage the major constituencies of the university community through a prescribed structure and process of shared governance for the institution's operations. That structure includes a University Council, four Senates, and a number of university standing committees. The faculty senate, staff senate, administrators' senate, and student government senate review and respond to important issues and conditions affecting them through their elected Senators. Each Senate's president and vice president serve on the University Council with four of KSU's academic and administrative officers to coordinate and facilitate the entire governance process.

The primary functions of the KSU Faculty Senate are to facilitate faculty participation in the establishment of university policies for the benefit and welfare of the institution, to inquire into any matters that have implications for the academic development and functioning of KSU and to make recommendations concerning such matters, and to be a channel of communications between and among the KSU faculty and the KSU President, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the other senate bodies.

  • Mark Anderson
    College of Science and Mathematics
    Lance Askildson
    Vice Provost for Global Affairs
    Chief International Officer
    Rita Bailey
    Honors College
    Timothy Blumentritt
    Interim Dean
    College of Continuing and Professional Education
    C. Richard Cole
    College of Architecture and Construction Management
    Angela Conti
    Assistant to the Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs  
    Renee Butler
    Interim Dean
    Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology
    Lynn Disbrow
    University College
    Cynthia Reed
    Bagwell College of Education
    David Evans
    Dean and Assistant Vice President of Library Services
    Chris Hutt
    Assistant Vice President for Academic Advising 
    Tammy Powell
    Associate Vice President of Technology Enhanced Learning 

    Catherine Lewis 
    Assistant Vice President for Museums, Archives & Rare Books 

    Ron Matson
    Senior Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs 
    Julie Newell
    Special Assistant to the Provost
    Academic Affairs
    Kerwin Swint
    Interim Dean
    College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Paul Parker 
    Interim Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services 
    Ivan Pulinkala
    Interim Dean
    College of the Arts
    Jon Preston
    College of Computing and Software Engineering
    Kathy Schwaig
    Coles College of Business
    Mark Tillman
    WellStar College of Health and Human Services
    Valerie Whittlesey 
    Associate Vice President for Curriculum 
    Academic Affairs
  • Mark Anderson
    College of Science and Mathematics

    Rita Bailey
    Honors College

    C. Richard Cole
    College of Architecture and Construction Management

    Renee Butler
    Interim Dean
    College of Engineering and Engineering Technology

    Lynn Disbrow
    University College 

    Mike Dishman 
    Graduate College 

    Kerwin Swint
    Interim Dean
    College of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Cynthia Reed
    Bagwell College of Education

    Ivan Pulinkala 
    Interim Dean
    College of the Arts

    Jon Preston
    College of Computing and Software Engineering 

    Kathy Schwaig
    Coles College of Business

    Mark Tillman
    WellStar College of Health and Human Services

College and Department/School Faculty Councils

  • College of Architecture & Construction Management
    Zuhair El-Itr, Chair
    Kathryn Bedette
    Pete Pittman
    Ermal Shpuza
    Hussein Abaza
    Pavan Meadati

    Architecture DFC
    Ermal Shpuza, Chair
    Kathryn Bedette
    Pete Pittman

    Construction Management DFC
    Pavan Meadati, Chair
    Hussein Abaza
    Zuhair El-Itr

  • College of the Arts CFC
    Harry Price, Chair
    Debrah Traficante
    Jessica Stephenson
    Diana McClintock / Joe Thomas
    Charlie Parrot
    Rebecca Makus
    Daniel Gwirtzman

    Dance DFC
    Daniel Gwirtzman, Chair
    Lindsey Archer
    Mara Mandradjieff
    (committee of the whole, tenure track faculty)

    School of Art & Design DFC
    Keith Smith, Chair
    Committee of the Whole

    School of Music DFC
    Alison Mann, Chair
    Ben Wadsworth
    Edward Eanes

    Theatre, Performance Studies, & Dance DFC
    Jamie Bullins, Chair
    Committee of the Whole

  • College of Computing & Software Engineering CFC
    Dick Gayler, Chair
    Richard Halstead-Nussloch
    Sheryl Duggins

    Software Engineering & Game Development DFC
    Hussan Pournaghsband, Chair
    Allan Fowler
    Frank Tsui

    Information Technology DFC
    Rich Halstad-Nussloch, Chair
    Lei Li
    Ming Yang

    Computer Science, DFC
    Ying Xie, Chair
    Kai Qian
    Jose Garrido

  • College of Humanities & Social Sciences CFC
    Stephen Collins, Chair
    Chuck Aust
    Elizabeth Giddens
    Lynn Fedeli
    LeeAnn Lands
    Ernesto Silva
    Jun Tu
    Jeanne Bohannon
    Dorothy Marsil
    Ken White

    Communication & Media DFC
    Heeman Kim, Chair
    Mary Gao
    Tom Gray
    Amber Hutchins

    Digital Writing & Media Arts DFC
    Jeanne Bohannon, Chair
    Jeff Greene
    Keith Hopper
    Michael Lahey
    Herb Smith

    English DFC
    Tony Grooms, Chair
    Sergio Figueiredo
    Todd Harper
    Nancy Reichert
    Denise White

    Foreign Languages DFC
    Lynn Fedeli, Chair
    Neysa Figueroa
    Wenhua Jin
    Patricia Wood

    Geography & Anthropology DFC
    Jun Tu, Chair
    Brandon Lundy
    Mark Patterson
    Terry Powis
    Garrett Smith
    Sarasij Majumder

    History & Philosophy DFC
    Gerrit Voogt, Chair
    Kay Reeve
    Randy Patton

    Interdisciplinary Studies DFC
    Alan Lebaron, Chair
    Sarasij Majumder
    Griselda Thomas

    Political Science & International Affairs DFC
    Elizabeth Gordon, Chair
    Charity Butcher
    Andrew Pieper
    Heather Pincock
    Thomas Rotnem

    Psychology DFC
    Daniel Rogers, Chair
    Saul Alamilla
    Patrick Devine
    Suma Mallavarapu
    Corinne McNamara

    Sociology & Criminal Justice DFC
    Stan Crowder, Chair
    Committee of the Whole

  • Bagwell College of Education CFC
    Jilllian Ford, Chair
    Neporcha Cone
    Sheryl Croft
    Paula Guerra
    Joya Carter Hicks
    Marie Holbein
    Amanda Richey
    Toni Strieker
    Anissa Vega

    Educational Leadership DFC
    Marie Holbein, Chair
    Charley Bowen
    Mary Chandler
    Sheryl Croft
    Adrian Epps

    Elementary & Early Childhood Education DFC
    Neporcha Cone, Chair
    Douglas Bell
    Patricia Bullock
    Ethel King-McKenzie
    Kimberly Kunst
    Marrielle Myers
    Scott Ritchie
    Sanjuana Rodriguez
    Mary Ursits
    Carolyn Wallace

    Inclusive Education DFC
    Felice Russell, Chair
    Susan Brown
    Amanda Richey

    Instructional Technology DFC
    Anissa Vega, Chair
    Julie Moore
    Jo Williamson

    Secondary & Middle Grades Education DFC
    Toni Strieker, Chair
    Mei-Lin Chang
    Daphne Hubbard
    Guichun Zong

  • College of Science & Mathematics CFC
    Janet Shaw, Chair
    Jared Tagilalatela
    Victor Kane
    Amy Hillen
    Marcus Davis / Estella Chen
    Russell Patrick

    Ecology, Evolutionary, & Orgismal Biology DFC
    Bill Ensign, Chair
    Lisa Adam
    Tony Golubski
    Matt Weand

    Chemistry & Biochemistry DFC
    Bharat Baruah, Chair
    Carol Chrestensen
    Chris Dockery
    Rajnish Singh

    Mathematics DFC
    Andrew McMorran, Chair
    Meghan Burke
    Kadian Callahan
    Sean Ellermeyer
    Bruce Thomas
    Tad Watanabe 

    Molecular & Cellular Biology DFC
    Chair pending
    Scott Nowak
    Jerald Hendrix
    Melanie Griffin
    Jonathan McMurry

    Kisa Ranasinghe, Chair
    Brent McDaniel
    David Rosengrant
    Russ Patrick
    Mike Thackston

    Statistics & Analytical Sciences DFC
    Victor Kane, Chair
    Bradley Barney
    (Amanda) Nicole Ferguson

  • Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering & Engineering Technology CFC
    David Veazie, Chair
    Wasim Barham
    Bill Diong
    Craig Chin,
    Norm Russell
    Ying Wang
    Lester Dollar

    Civil & Construction Engineering DFC
    Wasim Barham, Chair
    M.A. Karim
    Metin Oguzmert
    Faith Oncul
    Matt Wilson

    Electrical Engineering DFC
    Craig Chin, Chair
    Kuosheng Ma
    Yusun Chang
    Bill Diong

    Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology DFC
    Scott Larisch, Chair
    Pam Frinzi
    Scott Tippens

    Mechanical Engineering DFC
    Mir Atigullah, Chair
    Sathish Gurupatham
    Erhan Ilksoy
    M.S. Mayeed
    Laura Ruhala
    Valmiki Sooklal

    Mechanical Engineering Technology DFC
    Don Horton
    Randy Emert
    Ali Khazaei (guest)

    Mechatronics Engineering DFC
    Ying Wang, Chair
    Kevin McFall
    Matt Marshall

    Systems & Industrial Engineering DFC
    Eduardo Farfan, Chair
    Bill Bailey
    Robert Keyser

  • Coles College of Business CFC
    Jim Herbert, Chair
    Bruce Clements
    Debbie Lester
    Tom Miller
    Xiao Huang
    Meg Murray
    Samia Siha
    Kat Schwaig - ex officio

    School of Accountancy DFC
    Dana Hermanson, Chair
    Committee of the Whole

    Economics, Finance, & Quantitative Analysis DFC
    James Tompkins, Chair
    Hope Baker
    Xiao Huang

    Management & Entrepreneurship DFC
    Jim Herbert, Chair
    Lance Brouthers
    Amy Henley
    Michael Maloni
    Samia Siha

    Marketing & Professional Sales DFC
    Deborah Lester, Chair
    Brian Rutherford
    Keith Tudor

    Information Systems DFC
    Michael Whitman, Chair
    Pamila Dembla
    Adriane Randolph
    Humayun Zafar

  • University College CFC
    Natasha Habers, Chair
    Carlton Usher
    Debbie Smith
    Mike Keleher

    First Year & Transition Studies DFC
    Rick Mosholder, Chair
    Committee of the Whole

    Leadership & Integrative Studies DFC
    Pinder Naidu, Chair
    Committee of the Whole

  • Wellstar College of Health & Human Services CFC
    Robert Buresh, Chair          
    Carol Holtz                        
    Bernie Goldfine                   
    Ardith Peters

    Exercise Science & Sport Management DFC
    David Johnson, Chair
    Yuri Feito                                          
    Joshua Pitts

    Health Promotion & Physical Education DFC
    Peter St. Pierre, Chair
    Virginia Rendini
    Susan Whitlock

    School of Nursing DFC
    Yvonne Eaves, Chair
    Marie Bremner
    Jane Brannan
    Astrid Wilson 

    Social Work & Human Services DFC
    Jennifer Wade-Berg, Chair
    Lisa Johnson
    Michael Kenney                                
    Alan Kirk                                          
    Ardith Peters