KSU’s Gateways to Completion Course Redesign Faculty Learning Community (FLC)

The Provost annually announces a call for applications for faculty to participate in the KSU G2C Course Redesign FLC that is facilitated by KSU’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL). The G2C Course Redesign FLC is a multi-year effort that seeks to bring research-based effective practices to

faculty to improve student success in gateway courses. In AY2016, the FLC included part-time and full-time faculty teaching in the first cohort of KSU’s G2C courses. In AY2017, the FLC expanded to include participation from full-time and part-time faculty who teach 1000 and 2000 level high enrollment courses with D/F/W/I rates of 20% or higher. Both cohorts of the initiative will report on their efforts at the G2C Faculty Annual Colloquiums that will be held each fall. More information on the FLC can be found at: https://cetl.kennesaw.edu/faculty-funding/gateways-completion-course-redesign-faculty-learning-community 

CETL G2C Course Redesign FLC Staff

  • Esther Jordan, G2C Director of Faculty Development, CETL Associate Director for Faculty Support and Associate Professor of Political Science, ejorda30@kennesaw.edu
  • Mandy McGrew, G2C Director of Part-Time Faculty Development, CETL Educational Specialist for Part-Time Faculty, alb1724@kennesaw.edu
  • Kaleem Clarkson, G2C Faculty Funding Administrator, CETL Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives, kclarks2@kennesaw.edu

2016 G2C Course Redesign FLC Participants

  • Abolanle Abikoye, Part-Time Instructor of Environmental Science
  • Bor-Yi Tsay, Professor of Accounting
  • Erik Westlund, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Ivy Holliman Way, Lecturer of History
  • Jane Campbell, Professor of Accounting
  • Karyn Alme, Senior Lecturer of Environmental Science
  • Kay Traille, Associate Professor of History and History Education
  • Kenneth Keating, Senior Lecturer of Mathematics
  • Ludmila Orlova-Shokry, Lecturer of Mathematics
  • Nelda Hadaway, Part-Time Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  • Shannon Shumate, Lecturer of Accounting
  • Stephanie Miller, Support Faculty of Accounting
  • Tom Okie, Assistant Professor of History Education
  • Troy Mutchler, Assistant Professor of Biology