Administrative Review

The full-time Faculty and Staff Evaluation of the Managerial Effectiveness of Academic Administrators (Administrative Review)will be completed each Fall and results returned to administrators and supervisors. The exact dates for each cycle will be announced by the Provost and posted on the Academic Affairs webpage. The evaluation and review process shall embrace shared governance principles as articulated by AAUP. "The most effective systems of administrator evaluation are those that occur periodically as part of a collaborative endeavor involving the faculty, the administration, other campus constituencies with a stake in the outcome, and the individual under review. The system should be not only periodic (as affecting the individual) but also regular, that is, part of the institutional structure, rather than being triggered on an ad hoc basis that requires the reinvention of the wheel for each separate review." 

The Provost/Vice-President for Academic Affairs or his/her designee is responsible for initiating and managing the administrative review process each year. The current implementation is limited to reviews of the Provost/Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Deans of Colleges, and Academic Department Chairs are reviewed. The process may be expanded to include other administrators in future years. All permanent, full-time faculty and staff reporting to the administrator will receive the evaluation instrument and be encouraged to participate. All permanent full-time faculty and staff will have the opportunity to contribute to the evaluation of the Provost.

All permanent full-time-college faculty and staff will have the opportunity to contribute to the evaluation of the college’s dean. All full-time permanent departmental faculty and staff will have the opportunity to contribute to the evaluation of the department chair or school director. Only those Administrators who have been in their positions for at least one academic year will be evaluated.

To assure the confidentiality of respondents, the Administrative Review data will be collected and compiled by an independent contractor or vendor not associated with KSU. Evaluation participants will only be known to the contractor handling the evaluation. Data from the evaluation will be compiled by question with quantitative questions compiled using frequencies of each response, and qualitative questions compiled by randomly sorting responses and then reporting all responses verbatim. The Administrative Review procedures are intended to supplement the existing academic administrative review procedures with a faculty/staff evaluation component; they are not designed to replace existing procedures.

The Administrative Reviewprocess is intended to enhance transparency, increase faculty and staff confidence in the integrity of the academic administrative review process, and create a more robust academic administrative review process that takes into account faculty and staff perspectives and knowledge regarding (among other things) program delivery, curriculum development, policy development and implementation, and university leadership. Therefore, the procedures outlined below shall be followed by all academic units across campus.

Three principles shall guide all reviews:

  1. The review process shall be fully transparent.
  2. The results of the review process that are related to faculty and staff evaluation of administrators shall be made available for review to the faculty and staff.
  3. The review shall include a structure to assure open communication/dialog among the participants about the process and the results.

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