What is Success Advising?

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Success Advising is the third branch of Owl Advising. It has been designed by the Owl Advising team with university-wide student success initiatives and advisor support in mind. These services are intended to not only increase student retention, progression, and graduation rates, but also be a resource and act as a companion office to degree-awarding advising centers at Kennesaw State University.

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  • This service provides a one hour in-depth advising session for students with 30 or more credit hours struggling with either choosing a major or moving from one major to another. The appointment gives students a chance to explore all majors offered at KSU under the guidance of an advisor who can assist with narrowing down potential options. Appointments end with either a follow-up request or referring students out to the appropriate degree-awarding advising centers and advisor(s).

  • Success Advising currently sends out initial and follow-up emails to students with less than 30 earned credit hours as they are flagged for Early Alert. Students receive information on tutoring resources as well as other personal resources available to them through KSU. Students can also use the "Early Alert Advisor Form" to speak with a Success Advisor one-on-one. 

  • Students in need of Learning Support requirements are encouraged to contact Success Advising with any questions or concerns about the following:

    • Understanding placement into
    • Learning Support
    • Exempting Learning Support
    • Co-Requisite Course Requirements
    • Overrides into Learning Support courses
    • Hold Removal for Learning Support

    Success Advising will advise all incoming Learning Support students at Ignition and through one-on-one advising sessions for those unable to attend an orientation.

  • This advising service is intended for students either currently on probation, been readmitted to KSU following a dismissal, or those close to probation status. This advising is meant to help students understand policies related to probation and dismissal, learn about and create connections to valuable financial, academic, or personal resources across campus, referrals to academic major advisors, and strategies to help improve academic performance.


Contact Us

Email: SuccessAdvising@kennesaw.edu