Learning Support

What is Learning Support?

learning supportAt KSU, we understand certain courses may present challenges to students. To better serve our students, we have instituted a process of identifying students that would benefit from additional support in Math or English called Learning Support. 

Learning Support courses are 1-hour credit courses which prepare students to be successful in their required ENGL, MATH and/or STAT courses. The co-requisite courses must be taken in conjunction with a specified credit level course. Keep reading for more information on Learning Support requirements and how to satisfy or be exempted from them.

How are Learning Support Requirements Evaluated?

Incoming students are evaluated using the following:

  • High School GPA 
  • SAT and/or ACT Scores
  • Transfer Credits

Where Do I Start? (New and Returning Students)

Spring 2022 Admitted Students:

Be on the lookout for an email from Success Advising. We will contact you with information regarding your specific Learning Support needs, additional information on exemption opportunities, and instructions on how to receive appropriate overrides into Learning Support classes.

Where Do I Start? (Current Students)

Please contact your degree advisor for more information on your Learning Support requirements and to secure overrides into Learning Support courses. Your degree advisor will assist you in choosing the best option for you and your degree plan.

Exempting Learning Support


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    Freshmen and Transfer Students: You can take the ACCUPLACER examination offered through the KSU Testing Center. ACCUPLACER is a comprehensive, computer-based exam used to evaluate student's skills in math, reading, and writing for the purpose of placement.

    There is a testing fee, so be sure to confirm you have selected the correct exam for your specific Learning Support requirement prior to registration. Test administration fees are as follows:

    • One exam - $15.00
    • Two exams - $25.00
    • Three exams - $30.00

    CLICK HERE for information on the ACCUPLACER and to register for the exam(s).

    CLICK HERE for information preparing for the ACCUPLACER.

    Questions on registering for ACCUPLACER? Contact ksutesting@kennesaw.edu

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      STEM Students: If you have been flagged as needing Learning Support for either MATH 1101, STAT 1401, or MATH 1111, but have taken the ALEKS assessment and placed into MATH 1113 or higher, you are exempted from Learning Support in MATH 1101, STAT 1401, and MATH 1111.

      A score of 61 or higher is required to place into MATH 1113. 

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        College Credit

        Transfer Students: Ensure all college transcripts have been sent to KSU for evaluation. Courses taken at other institutions that fufill Area A general education requirements at KSU can exempt you from Learning Support.

        Note: Transfer GPA is not take into consideration by the USG for Learning Support placement for transfer students. 

        DEP/AP/IB Students: Ensure all college transcripts (DEP), College Board scores (AP), and International Bacclaureate results (IB) have been sent to KSU for evaluation.

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          High School GPA

          High School Students: Ensure KSU has received your final high school transcript after graduation. Your final GPA may exempt you from Learning Support.

          Transfer Students: If you have not been able to exempt Learning Support through placement testing or through previously earned credit, you may also request your high school transcript be sent to KSU for evaluation.

          Minimum GPA Requirements for Exemption (through Spring 2022):

          • ENGL 1101: 2.5 Adjusted High School GPA
          • MATH 1101/STAT 1401: 2.5 Adjusted High School GPA
          • MATH 1111: 2.8 Adjusted High School GPA
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            SAT or ACT Scores

            Freshmen and Transfer Students: If you have taken the SAT and/or ACT, submit your scores to KSU as they may exempt you from Learning Support requirements.

            Minimum SAT Scores for Exemption:

            • ENGL 1101: 430 or higher on the SAT (old) Verbal/CR; OR score 480 or higher on the SAT (new) EBRW section.
            • MATH 1101/STAT 1401: 400 or higher on the SAT (old) Math section; OR 440 or higher on the SAT (new) Math section. 
            • MATH 1111: 470 or higher on the SAT (old) Math section; OR 510 or higher on the SAT (new) Math section.

            Minimum ACT Scores for Exemption:

            • ENGL 1101: 17 or higher.
            • MATH 1101/STAT 1401: 17 or higher.
            • MATH 1111: 20 or higher.

            More Information

              • Learning Support and Corresponding Credit-Level Courses

                For those needing LSE - Learning Support English

                Register for both:

                • ENGL 0999/L-- - Writing for Academic Purposes
                • ENGL 1101/L-- - Composition I (Corresponding Learning Support Section ONLY)

                For those needing LSM1 - Learning Support MATH 1

                Register for both:

                • MATH 0999/L-- - Support for College Algebra
                • MATH 1111/L-- - College Algebra (Corresponding Learning Support Section ONLY)

                For those needing LSM2 - Learning Support MATH 2

                Register for both:

                • MATH 0998/L-- - Support for Math Modeling
                • MATH 1101/L-- - Math Modeling (Corresponding Learning Support Section ONLY)


                • STAT 0996/L-- - Support for Elementary Statistics
                • STAT 1401/L-- - Elementary Statistics (Corresponding Learning Support Section ONLY)
                • Note: Students with an LSP requirement in their official transcript must register for both the co-requisite course and the credit level course at the same time.

                • Students who fail to meet their Learning Support requirements at the end of any term will receive a hold on their registration and must meet with an academic advisor to discuss enrollment in Learning Support for the next term.

                  Once a student has earned over 30 credit hours at Kennesaw State University without having met their Learning Support requirement, they will not be eligible to enroll in any other coursework until Learning Support has been satisfied or exempted.

                  Types of Holds

                  • LE: Learning Support English
                  • LM: Learning Support Math
                  • LS: Learning Support Co-Requisite 
                  • LR: Learning Support Reading

                  Contact SuccessAdvising@kennesaw.edu for any additional questions on holds.

                • If you do not exempt Learning Support requirements through the ACCUPLACER or transfer credit you will receive information identifying your current Learning Support requirements and about attending an informational session with Success Advising during your Orientation.

                  If you are attending Orientation: In a brief advising session, Success Advisors will introduce you to Learning Support courses and gather more information from you on your individual situations. You will attend this session prior to your registration session with your declared major where you will register for all of your other courses. Students should be checking their student email accounts regularly for Learning Support course override approvals.

                  If you are NOT attending Orientation: Students who do not attend an Orientation, or fail to register for Learning Support requirements on their own, must make an appointment with a Success Advisor or their degree advisor to register for Learning Support in order to secure their necessary overrides into the courses. Contact SuccessAdvising@kennesaw.edu to request an appointment.

                  If you are a Returning Student: Returning students also should schedule a Learning Support Advising session to secure their necessary overrides by emailing: SuccessAdvising@kennesaw.edu

                  If you are a Current Student: Please contact your degree advisor for more information. Click Here for a Complete List of Academic Advisors.

                • Take STAT 1401 or MATH 1101 first! Some majors (think humanities, arts, social sciences, etc.) only require students take MATH 1101 and STAT 1401 to satisfy General Education requirements. 

                  For those students who were only flagged for MATH 1111, start with STAT 1401 or MATH 1101 and successfully pass the course to exempt yourself from MATH 1111 Learning Support requirements.

                  Before enrolling, double check with your degree advisor and DegreeWorks that STAT 1401 or MATH 1101 are options for your General Education requirements. 

                  If you are in a STEM or business major that requires higher levels of math, please consult with your advisor about registering for Learning Support, or other possible routes for exemption.

                Learning Support Courses

                Spring 2022 Offerings


                ENGL 0999/L - Writing for Academic Purposes AND ENGL 1101/L - Composition I


                Mathematics and Statistics

                MATH 0998/L - Support for Math Modeling AND MATH 1101/L - Math Modeling


                MATH 0999/L - Support for College Algebra AND MATH 1111/L - College Algebra 


                STAT 0996/L - Support for Elementary Statistics AND STAT 1401/L - Elementary Statistics