Advising Hold

What is an Advising Hold (AH)?

student in libraryYou may have noticed a new registration hold added to your account called an Advising Hold. Read below to find out the purpose of this hold and to schedule an advising appointment!

All undergraduate students in their first semester at KSU, including transfers, will be required to meet with their academic advisor prior to registering for their second semester of coursework.

You cannot register for classes until this hold is removed.

These appointments allow Owl Advisors a chance to make connections with new students, and have conversations on potential majors in addition to choosing courses for their second semester.

This also provides the student a chance to ask questions and receive important information on their major and campus resources.




Not sure which classes to take in your second semester?

You and your advisor will have a conversation about your second semester classes and will select the best options for you and your individual needs, however our registration guides are a great place to start!

Download your Focus Area for recommended classes, general education options, and tips and tricks for a successful semester.