The Advising Partnership

KSU Owl Advisors have a collaborative partnership with DE students, parents, and high school counselors which involves active participation by all parties. This partnership is essential in the DE student’s development to achieve their collegiate goals.

DE students’ Responsibilities:

  • Read and respond to their KSU email
  • Become knowledgeable about DE policies, GA Futures requirements, and KSU resources
  • Develop a positive relationship with your advisor
  • Come to appointments with recommended courses from your high school counselor and topics to discuss
  • Actively engage in exploration of self, fields of study, and career paths
  • Follow through on action plans created during their advising session
  • Seek assistance early when challenges arise

Advisor Responsibilities:

  • Respond to inquiries within a reasonable time
  • Clarify DE policies, GA Futures requirements, and KSU resources
  • Develop a positive relationship with our advisees
  • Provide a safe space for students to share their thoughts, goals, concerns, and interests
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Keep accurate notes from advising meetings
  • Assist students in exploring and refining their interests, skills, and goals
  • Assisting students in creating actions plans such as life, career, academic plans
  • Help identify and make appropriate referrals to campus and community partners
  • Celebrate students’ achievements

Outcomes of the Advising Partnership:

  • DE Students are able to determine GA Futures requirements and progress towards completion of their high school graduation requirements and requirements for their intended major.
  • DE Students are able to articulate the value of time management practices and rigor of college curriculum verses high school curriculum.
  • DE Students are able to create and re-create their academic success plan based on their goals.
  • DE Students are able to identify campus resources and services to support their academic, personal, and career goals.