Academic Advising

DE Advising appointments are 1 full hour and offered through the students KSU email account and/or the student is able to make an appointment through their student Navigate EAB account.

DE students attend academic advising sessions to identify course eligibility based on their high school counselors’ recommendations to ensure they complete the required courses to meet their high school graduation requirements first before moving towards their intended college majors.

These sessions will also determine the number of course credit hours the student will take based on full time or part time status with their high school, help to interpret KSU & DE policies, review the institutions (D2L) Desire 2 Learn platform for course details, professor interactions and announcements, and the students course grades, and the KSU Dynamic Schedule to register for a specific term course(s).

In-Person Advising

  • For intricate questions which require thorough explanation of policies and course eligibility and conversations regarding goals, experiences, and college majors.

Offered Monday-Friday; 7:30am-4:30pm

Academic Learning Center
480 Bartow Avenue, Suite 3625
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Virtual Advising

  • Students will need to add the meeting request to their KSU Outlook calendar.
  • They will need to download the TEAMs app to their desktop or laptop computer in a stationary position.
  • Students should review the materials attached to their meeting request before attending the session and arrive no more than 10 minutes late to their appointment.

Offered Monday-Friday; 7:30am-4:30pm

Drop-In Advising

  • Mondays-Tuesdays: 9:00am - 11:30am
  • Wednesdays-Thursdays: 1:00pm - 4:30pm
  • In-Person: Academic Learning Center
    480 Bartow Avenue, Suite 3625
    Kennesaw, GA 30144
  • Virtual: Microsoft Teams
    • Download and log into Microsoft Teams (you will log in using the same log in information as your KSU email) There is also a phone application you can download, if easier!  
    • When in Microsoft Teams, you should see a tab/icon for Teams. Click it and when on the Teams page, it will show you any teams you are a member of.
    • In the top right corner, you will see Join or Create Team. Please click it and use the Join a team with a code option.  
    • THE TEAM CODE IS: zwhxiwo
    • It should add you to our Walk-Ins Dual Enrollment Owl Advising Team  
    • When you enter the Team, you will notice a “General” chat page. We are using this chat page as our sign-in sheet. ONLY CHAT ONE TIME PER VISIT.
    • You will chat the type of advising you are interested in. For example, if I'm here for advice with general education classes, then I’d type in the chat “GENERAL EDUCATION CLASSES.
    • An advisor will send you an individual chat when you are next in line and ask if you’d like to type a chat back and forth or do a video call.
      • If for any reason you need to leave before being helped, please reply to your own chat with “I will come back later.”
      • If you do not respond to the individual chat in 3 minutes, the advisor will need to move on to the next student and you will have to put yourself back into the advising queue with a new chat.
      • If you need any support with getting to the team, please email

Transition Advising

DE Seniors will attend Transition (Pre-Orientation) Advising to offer next steps in their high education academic journey. 

During these academic advisement sessions, students will confirm their major and/or receive additional resources to assist them in determining their intended major, receive their colleges academic advisor information, receive their financial aid advisor information, and confirm course eligibility for their first year as a college freshman. 

We will also go over general education requirements, campus resources, and college success tools. 

Click here to view next steps: DE Transition to KSU Freshmen