Chris Hutt

Chris HuttDr. Chris Hutt is the Assistant Vice President for Academic Advising at Kennesaw State University. In his current role, Dr. Hutt is responsible for the University’s overarching academic advising strategy, and sets the vision, mission, and goals for university-level advising practice. He is part of the leadership team responsible for the university’s coordinated student success initiatives. He holds leadership positions at the state and national levels, and has been actively involved in the review, implementation, and assessment of advising practice and policy across institution types, from state flagships to smaller specialty schools.

Dr. Hutt also led the implementation and ongoing administration of academic advising and student success technologies, and has published and presented on leveraging technology to enhance the more human aspects of academic advising.

Chris first came to Kennesaw State in the 1990s (as an undergraduate student!) before completing his undergraduate degree here. He left to work and study in a number of higher education settings before returning to Kennesaw State in 2013.